Days of the Week and their Corresponding Herbs

Planetary Influence - The Sun
Cast For - Success, realizing your goals, building confidence, wealth, and fame
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Yellow and Gold
Herbs Associated with the Sun - Ash tree, bay, cinnamon, heliotrope, juniper, orange peel, St. John’s wort, witch hazel

Planetary Influence - The Moon
Cast For - Goddess magick, women’s mysteries, emotions, instincts, intuition
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - White and silver
Herbs Associated with the Moon - Aloe, eucalyptus, lemon rind, mallow, myrrh, sandalwood, wintergreen

Planetary Influence - Mars
Cast For - Problem solving, courage, passion, vitality
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Red and black
Herbs Associated with the Mars -Allspice, chili pepper, coriander, dragon’s blood, garlic, holly, nettle, pepper, thistle

Planetary Influence - Mercury
Cast For - Communication matters, cleverness, creativity, to improve your luck
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Orange or purple
Herbs Associated with the Mercury - Almond, celery seed, dill, fennel, lavender, parsley 

Planetary Influence - Jupiter
Cast For - Prosperity, expansion, moving up in the world, healing and health
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Green, purple, and royal blue
Herbs Associated with the Jupiter - Anise, borage, clove, hyssop, maple, nutmeg, oak, sage

Planetary Influence - Venus
Cast For - Love, luxury, pleasure, entertainment
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Pink and aqua green
Herbs Associated with the Venus - Catnip, elder, feverfew, foxglove, iris, orris root, periwinkle, tansy, thyme, valerian, vervain, violet

Planetary Influence - Saturn
Cast For - Protection, banishing, bindings
Candle/Charm Bag Colours - Black or deep purple
Herbs Associated with the Saturn - Comfrey, elm, ivy, mimosa, morning glory, mullein, pansy, patchouli, poplar, quince, yew

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