Anonymous: i need a beauty spell. do you have any? x

First of all, question why you need this spell and if maybe what you’re after is a self confidence boost instead. For me, what some may call a beauty spell is actually (to me alone) a confidence spell to appear more beautiful to myself, thus my confidence shines onto others. When you have confidence, you appear more beautiful to others. So, I’ll tell you what I do to get my confidence to feel more beautiful!

1) Run a tub of warm water and add in lavender, salt, rose petals, and milk.

2) Lights candles and incense, if you like, bring in a small mirror, a rose quartz (optional) and anointing oil (or olive oil), and let the tub fill.

3)  Relax into the tub and think of all the ways you love yourself. Focus on the parts you love and never once degrade yourself. If you like your hair colour, tell yourself you love it. Truly focus on all of it. As you do this, imagine you are shedding all negative self thoughts into the water and only allowing enough room for self love in.

4) Open your eyes, relax, and drain the tub. Image the negative self thoughts swirling down the drain as the tub empties. If you like, as the water drains, hold a rose quartz over your third eye or crown and again reassure yourself of your beautiful parts, in and out.

5) When the tub is empty, stand up in front of the mirror and stare at yourself. Anoint your feet with oil and say: Blessed are my feet for they ground my to the earth. Anoint your knees: Blessed are my knees for the kneel to the power of the earth. Anoint your pelvis: Blessed is my middle chakra for it is my balance. Anoint your heart: Blessed is my heart that it can learn to love, learn to be loved, for it can love, be loved, and carry me. Anoint your lips: Blessed are my lips for they speak such positive words, for they guide and inspire. Anoint your third eye: Blessed is my third eye for it directs and encourages. Anoint your crown: Blessed is my crown that the sun may kiss it, that my mind is pure and can teach me to love myself and those around me.

6) Leave the oil on your points and dress. Spend a few moments in bed, or somewhere comfortable and warm, focusing on shedding negative body image and learning to let go of negativity. 

This will make not just you realize that you’re beautiful, but all others as well. <3 Blessed be, doll. 

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